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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“Ron's knowledge of and ability to teach any kind of math is extraordinary. Because of him, I was able to get an 800 on both the Math II SAT subject test and the math section of the full-length SAT, as well as a 5 on the AP Calculus BC Exam.”

— Jonathan Gans, Calabasas High  (Duke University)      


“Ron not only teaches how to solve the problems, but he makes sure that his understand the underlying mathematical concepts. Even though I only received tutoring for the math section of SAT, I found myself performing better in Calculus and Physics classes too.”

— Benjamin Antin, New Jewish Community High (Stanford University)


“"Ron Senderov is my mathematical savior. He's seamlessly aided me through five years of high level math, and I owe any and all of my success in those classes to his well versed explanations and patient guidance.”

— Orly Greenberg, Westlake High (University of Pennsylvannia)


“Ron not only gives you awesome guidance, but he gives you confidence. I went into the SAT relaxed and prepared, and thus I was not surprised to find out I got a 750.”

— Josh Rusheen, Milken High  School (Washington University in S. Louis)


“Just wanted to let you know that I got a 94% on my final in Math Analysis and ended with an A in the class!! Thanks so much for your help.”

— Madi Phillips, Oak Park High


"I took calculus AB and I was completely lost! Ron broke down the material in such a way that suddenly it became easy and ended up with an A!"

— Ari Bender, Milken High School (University of Michigan)

“Ron is without a doubt the best math tutor there is. As he is not only my number one choice for math tutoring and test prep for my clients, but also he is my number one choice to work with my own teenager.”

— Jennifer Tabbush, MBA, CEP (President, Headed For College)


“Ron Senderov at My Equation has been my kids’ tutor for years. With Ron’s attention, my son got 800 on his SAT in math, and an 800 on his SAT II, level 2, in math!!. My son could never have done this without Ron. My daughter went from a B+ student who didn’t like math and felt frustrated, to an A+ student who loves math.”

— Sally Frankl, MD (Viewpoint & Calabasas High Parent).


“I have watched Ron work with struggling students moving them to a place of success and confidence. I refer students to “My Equation” from both my classroom and educational therapy practice, knowing that they will meet with great success.”

— Pam Klienman, Educational Therapy ET/P


Ron Senderov is the antidote for math stress. For the past ten years, Ron Senderov tutored all three of our daughters. From tutoring to SAT and ACT test prep, Ron patiently and expertly prepared our girls for success.

— Dr. Brian and Suzanne Greenberg,  (Westlake High Parents)


“Thank you so much for getting the perfect tutor for our son. Amir's knowledge of the Physics and Mathematics was superb and he tackled each and every problem with precision and enthusiasm! Amir was skilled, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Because of Amir, our son was able to grasp the material quicker and achieve his desired goal of complete success.”

— Frank and Traci Pontello,  (Viewpoint Parents)

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